Imrpove Your Teaching in 1 Hour!

Thursday 12 January 2012 @ 10:48 pm

Get this free report:”7 Mistakes Made By Struggling Teachers And How To Avoid Them” when you attend the live Andy Vass webinar this Wednesday, January 18th.

Andy Vass is one of the UK’s most respected education coaches and this webinar is guaranteed to improve your teaching.

Click the link below to sign up today and reserve your seat:
Andy Vass – Webinar

Hope to see you there…

Confident Classroom Management

Are You Experiencing Teacher Burnout?

Saturday 12 November 2011 @ 3:42 pm

There is a reason why 50% of teachers quit within their first 5 years…teaching is a really tough job!

I don’t think there is a teacher alive who can say they have never felt teacher burnout at some point in their career.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome teacher burnout. It is possible to re-ignite your passion for teaching and once again become the teacher that students love!


Well, for started you can sign up for the LIVE FREE webinar with best-selling education author Marjan Glavac right here:

If you are a subscriber of mine then you know I have praised Marjan Glavac’s work for years. This veteran teacher certainly knows what he is talking about! So if you are interested in preventing teacher burnout and teacher stress then sign up for this free webinar right now:

However, don’t wait…the interview is this Wednesday, November 16th.

You have nothing to lose…and a whole lot to gain…

Best Wishes,
Adam Waxler

More Classroom Management Strategies Than You Can Imagine!

Thursday 3 November 2011 @ 9:31 pm

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that “Confident Classroom Management” is now live!

If you’ve been watching the videos then you know this good stuff…really good!

Go here now if you need any help with tough students:
**Confident Classroom Management**

However, there are only 500 spaces available…this isn’t one you want to think about too long…

Plus, if you’re really quick, you can get access to a FREE report: “35 Clever Ways To Get Attention From A Noisy Group”

Here’s the link again: **Confident Classroom Management**

Best Wishes,
Adam Waxler
Teaching Tips Machine, LLC

5 Simple Classroom Management Tips

Saturday 29 October 2011 @ 2:26 pm

If you’re struggling to get students to follow your directions or listen in class then you really need to click the link below and watch this video:

**Confident Classroom Management**

Solve Your Classroom Management Problems With This!

Monday 10 October 2011 @ 9:08 pm

Nothing for sale today, just news of two great freebies for you.

How would you like to take part in a free LIVE web session, get your classroom questions answered on air and…

…receive a fantastic ebook on motivating your students?

My colleague Rob Plevin is hosting a free LIVE teleclass called “Instant Solutions For Your Most Frustrating Classroom Discipline Problems” on Wednesday, October 26th with best-selling teacher author Julia Thompson.

You can register or learn more here:
**Classroom Expert**

But before you go let me tell you about the free ebook which is being made available to anyone who registers…

Julia has a reputation for producing highly practical resources and ‘Sure-fire Ways to Motivate Your Students’ is no different.

It includes:
How to become a charismatic classroom leader
25 Active learning ideas
40 real-life project ideas to engage students
25 classroom games
101 ways to keep lessons fresh and interesting
25 ways to arouse student curiosity
15 ways to make every student feel valued
12 ways to get to know your students
60 different ways to differentiate work and make it more appealing
36 study skills for students
25 ways to encourage students to pay attention to what you say
Plus much more…

And you’ll get this fantastic 40-page book for FREE when you’re registered for the interview.

You can register or learn more here:

Best Wishes,
Adam Waxler
Teaching Tips Machine, LLC

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